Preium Raw dog food diet, local and natural 

how a raw diet is meant to be


  • We source all of our meat locally from real Michigan farms.
  • We make meals fresh and per order.
  • We deliver fresh for you to freeze. (locally)
  • NO 3d or 4d meats. Beware of our competitors that brag USDA certified yet use this meat as it is USDA certified. Our meat is HUMAN quality meat only!
  • ​We vary the proteins, vegetables, and oils so you don't have to worry about a switching food for a varied diet ever again! 
  • Raw Dog LLC employs veterans.
  • Supports Local Businesses
  • Supports Woman-Owned Businesses 
  • We blanch our vegetables for better absorption
  • ​Our meals come in individual AM and PM meals, making it less messy, impossible to overfeed and less chance of contamination. 
  • A portion of all yearly sales goes to local animal rescues. We frequently donate gift basket for fundraiser and offer 50/50 raffle tickets once a year and at event to benefit different local organizations.
  • Our meals reduce and remove plaque and tarter build-up versus our competitors that serve a much that sticks to the teeth and causes harm.
  • ​We love dogs and frequently include freebies for your pup to enjoy, We just can't help it.
  • We offer a FREE week of food for all of your dogs per customer referral.
  • ​We offer discounts for foster parents and people who work or volunteer with animals.
  • We offer a military discount. (we love our military and veterans)
  • ​and more!

​But don't take our word for it, give us a try! 

There are plenty of "Raw Diets" available, so why choose Raw Dog Food Delivered LLC?

Here's a little information about us and what makes us different.

​You can decide for yourself.