Preium Raw dog food diet, local and natural 

how a raw diet is meant to be


Raw Dog is a Vet Formulated and Tested Recipe. 80/10/10

80% Muscle Meat (Usually Beef, Lamb, Turkey, and Chicken) (Occasionally Venison, Elk, Goat, Bison, Emu and other Exotics)
10% Bone (found in PM meal, can be substituted with bone meal if dog refuses to eat bones)
10% Secreting Organs (we alway use 5% Liver and and vary the other 5% for balance and variety)

In addition we typically add Kale, Egg (with shell), and Oil. We do vary the vegetable on occasion.

The oil alternates between Salmon, Coconut and Hemp oils

 We vary the ingredients for a varied diet providing optimal health. This is one of the many things that make our diet unique and extraordinary. 

We pride ourselves in a quality product we can be proud of. As apposed to companies that are obsessed with the bottom line, we are obsessed with your dogs health. We go out of our way to source responsibly and all of our meat is HUMAN QUALITY except for green tripe as it is not for human consumption.

All Our Products are LOCALLY SOURCED here in Michigan. That means all our meats come from local farmers! NO 3D or 4D meat here!

Our Meat is always Hormone and Antibiotic Free, as well Free-range/Cage-free/Pen-free.

We add NO filler, No grains, No gluten, No dyes, No preservatives and use only Premium Cuts. (this means no cheap cuts with small bones that can cause issues) Our meals are 100% Natural and Safe!

We cut and paste this from our favorite suppliers' website:

Beef - 100 Percent Vegetarian Feed, Grass Fed and Grain Supplement, No Added Hormones, No Antibiotic Use,

Non Confined Bison - No Antibiotic Use, Non Confined, Grass Fed and Grain Supplement, 100 Percent Vegetarian Feed, No Added Hormones

Chicken - 100 Percent Vegetarian Feed, Free Range or Roaming, No Added Hormones, No Antibiotic Use,

Cage Free Goat - Grass Fed and Grain Supplement, No Added Hormones, No Antibiotic Use, 100 Percent Vegetarian Feed,

Non Confined Lamb - Organic, 100 Percent Vegetarian Feed, Grass Fed and Grain Supplement, No Added Hormones, No Antibiotic Use,

Non Confined Turkey - 100 Percent Vegetarian Feed, Cage Free, Free Range or Roaming, No Added Hormones, No Antibiotic Use

Source: Sparrows Market, Kerrytown, Ann Arbor--

We use only premium meats and bones, no chicken necks or scraps. The meat is bought the day of packaging and delivered the same day for optimal freshness. Because of this the meals are freezable and keep their integrity. (For out of state orders your meals will arrive frozen)

Benefits of Raw:

Healthier Teeth and Gums: save on teeth cleaning bills and keep oral hygiene to its best! ELIMINATES DOGGY ODOR, no more bad breath! Keep plaque away without doing any extra work!

Lower vet bills: eating food the was dogs are evolutionarily designed to eat will take care of allergy and minor illnesses that account for most vet visits. Just like in Humans a proper, well-balanced, natural diet keeps you healthy and away from the doctors/vets.

A happy, long-living best friend: the oldest dog on record was an Australian cattle dog named Bluey who dined exclusively on kangaroo and emu, this recorded was recently broken by another dog that was fed Raw from birth. Your dog will live a healthier, fuller life on a Primal eating plan.

Firm, odorless stool: on a raw, Primal eating plan, dogs waste little of what they eat. That means stool is small, hard, and without much odor. It also turns into white powder after a day or so, making cleanup effortless. Also, the added strain of passing hard stool will naturally express your dog’s anal glands, rendering another expensive vet trip obsolete. (this benefit is a crowd favorite and one of the almost immediate results)

Easier Weight Management: Loose and Manage weight easier than you've ever thought possible. The pre-measured portions prevent over-feeding as well being a high protein diet that keeps your dog fit and at a balanced weight.

Reduced Allergy Symptoms: Its amazing that just feeding the proper diet can clear up so many allergy issues! Put an end to that itchy skin and let your dog enjoy a normal life once again. This diet works wonders for dogs with skin and allergy problems.

Healthier Skin and Coat: Your dogs coat will shine like it never has before and should be dandruff free. Many skin issues have been fixed by simply switching to raw.