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What is a raw dog food diet

We're here to help your dog make a smooth transition to raw and make it hassle free for our owners. 

If your dog dislikes a certain ingredient we can change it easily to accommodate fussy eaters. We also package our product into easy to serve AM and PM portions, you never even have to touch the meat! We vary the proteins and organs for a nice natural variety without you having to remember to change up your food source and keep the diet fresh and interesting, as well as well rounded, for you dog.

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Locally Owned Michigan business

We offer a premium bone-in Raw Diet. Our Diet is fully customizable to fit any special needs or requests you may have. We follow the 80/10/10 mix. We also have a variety of healthy and beneficial treats available for purchase as well.

Raw Dog LLC was formed with the mission to make Raw accessible, available and affordable for all dog owners. After experiencing the benefits first hand, and being disappointed with the products out there, Raw Dog was born. 

A Raw Diet follows either the B.A.R.F. (Bone and Raw Food) or Prey Model Diet. This is the most biologically appropriate diet for your dog and can great improve their health and well being.

“My Dogs love the meals and have never been at a healthier weight! Sonya really worked with because of my pickiest frenchie, Hank. You'll love this Quality Product and Service”


Our story

What we offer:

At Raw Dog LLC we strive for the best. We are extremely passionate about Dogs and The Raw Diet. We've seen the Benefits and know the facts, our goal is to see all dogs on this diet.